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  • Do you receive hardware when purchasing a bash plate ?
    Yes- every single bash plate order comes equipped with Australian stainless steel hardware specific to that particular bash plate.
  • Is Loctite required for bash plate installation?
    Yes- With installation of bash plates please ensure use of Loctite for any bolts involved with mounting the bash plate to the vehicle. All Aerocutt bash plates come with very strong stainless steel hardware, use of Loctite is highly recommended with this hardware.
  • What do I do if the bash plate I ordered doesn't fit my car?
    In the event that your bash plate doesn't fit you vehicle,- Contact us. Please provide multiple photos best explaining exactly where it doesn't fit/mount to the car. To avoid such situations, please ensure you read the product description of the bash plate you're looking to purchase as we do offer multiple variants in some models, which includes specific differences such as sump plug locations, subframe models etc.
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