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Toyota JZZ30 Soarer Bash Plate 
Proudly Designed & Manufactured in Australia 

This Bash Plate has options to suit JZZ30 Soarer sporting a 1JZ or 2JZ front sump as well as UZZ31 sporting the 1UZ (1UZ option include oil filter access panel as pictured. 
Aerocutt Bash Plates make for excellent sump/underbody protection - especially when lowering your vehicle.

Material Selection available:
-2MM Stainless Steel 304
-3MM Aluminium Powder Coated Black + $65 **( extends lead time by 7 days)**

** Important Disclaimer** We understand that although quite rare, a select few soarers come equipped with a subframe underbody brace, in the event your vehicle has the braces, they may need to be removed or modified.

Aerocutt products are for designed & engineered for Track use/Off-road use ONLY.
All bash plates must use permenant RED LOCTITE on all bolts when bolted to the vehicle.
Aerocutt are NOT responsible for damages as a result of incorrect fitment.

Toyota Soarer JZZ30 UZZ31 Bash Plate